Airplaneholder ™  offers travelers a simple way of watching movies on board.
Airplaneholder ™  is a must-have for every traveller!
  • Use your tablet / smartphone hands-free during the flight.

  • Folding table is available during the entire flight.

  • Optimal posture during the flight. Tablet / phone always at eye level.

  • Shockproof.

  • Airplane holder for use with opened and folded table.

  • For business purposes, e-readers and entertainment.

  • Easy to adjust viewing angle.



Turbulence proof


Airplaneholder ™  is extreme sturdy during turbulence.

With a test we have found that the holder sucks vacuum on the device for more than 72 hours.

Different table clips


Airplaneholder ™  is designed to accommodate over all clips, it slides easily over any kind of clip. 


Our new packaging!


Airplaneholder ™  is designed for easy onboard sales from the trolly 8x8x5,5cm or airport locations. 

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